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XUG – The XMPie Users Group


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Oct 29 – Nov 1
The annual XMPie Users Group conference


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Oct 29 – Nov 1
The annual XMPie Users Group conference


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Outstanding Keynote
Mark Schaefer

Marketing Strategy & Social Media

Today marketing success is not a function of strategy or resources. It’s about creating a culture that can adopt to a world where content, analytics, and data win the day. With his unique background of marketing leadership and organizational development, Mark Schaefer is uniquely qualified to help you drive the cultural changes needed to create a modern marketing organization. Mark Schaefer is one of the most popular, entertaining and highly-rated social media keynote speakers in the world and will talk to you this Fall at #XUG17Orlando.

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XUG – The XMPie Users Group

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XUG – The XMPie Users Group

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XUG – The XMPie Users Group is an vendor independent international community with members spanning countries and continents. For the past 10 years we’ve been working to connect with the best 1:1 communications.

XUG synergizes the different experiences of Multichannel and Marketing Service Provider experts from around the globe. This created a thriving community of individuals committed to growing their knowledge and advancing their careers. The diversity of the XUG’s membership allows everyone to connect with XMPie users accross many areas of knowledge and industries. Our members are marketing professionals, developers and technologists who are using XMPie solutions to enhance their company’s marketing campaigns and reach.


Member Voices

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Valuable Networking

#XUG17Orlando – The next annual XMPie Users Group Conference takes place Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2017 in Orlando, Florida, USA. What happens before? Some valuable eTutorials, Q&A Forum plus much more. A vital group and a lot of interaction, it’s up to you to participate.



Completely synergize the relationships via intelligent automation. Professionally cultivate customer service and more.

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Real World


Customer Case-studies of successful integrated multichannel marketing campaigns. Workshops and keynotes from and with leading experts like Mark Schaefer, Mandy Edwards etc.

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New tech

Insights and latest news from the XMPie developers. Meet the XMPie experts for conversations, dreaming sessions and even more…

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Print is dead

Print lives

Maximizing the Value of Print – offering a Marketing Solution and/or Web2Print instead of a Print Service.

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Grow with value and the right trends. Big Data, Augmented Reality, Interactive Graphic Displays. Buzzwords or real moneymaker?

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It’s all about Personas. Meet your good old peers and make new ones. #XUG17Orlando offers more networking options than ever before. Tickets are on sale right now.

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Our 2017 annual conference


The 10th Annual XMPie Users Group conference will take place Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2017 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Reserve your ticket and become part of THE annual meeting of #multichannel #1to1 #web2print professionals.

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PreConference Tutorials

If you plan to come to the #XUG17Orlando conference, make sure to sign up for our in-depth optional tutorials. Each 2-1/2 hour session will focus on best practices, tips and techniques for developing outstanding VDP and Cross Media (multichannel) communications. Enjoy a morning and afternoon session within your ticket and when back home you’ll have exclusive access to all tutorials materials, PDF’s, sample files and recorded sessions – impressively valuable for your work.

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C-Level Meeting

The C-Level Meeting is embedded into the XMPie Users Group conference; taking place Sunday, Oct. 29th, prior to the main event starting Monday, Oct. 30th. It will be a cozy atmosphere, we’ll start the day at noon with a light lunch, a great occasion to meet your leader colleagues from within the industry. Then we’ll start the five powerful and insightful sessions and end up having a drink at the #XUG17Orlando welcome reception in the evening.

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It’s about time to spread the range of topics even more than “just“ digital print, mailings, emails, PURLs, websites. This years conference evolved and is getting even better.
Keynote at #XUG17Orlando

Mark W. Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a globally-acclaimed educator, consultant, speaker and the author of six best-selling books, including KNOWN: Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. Mark will talk about becoming “known” which is different than being famous, and may be the only sustainable career advantage we have today. Mark is “wow-ing” audiences around the world and moving them in a personal and powerful way! This time in Orlando at #XUG17Orlando.

Tickets availableMore about Mark

Social Marketing strategy


This years conference, our tenth anniversary by the way, will get some further new valuable add-ons. Based on our members demands we invited Mandy Edwards to spent some time with you within her 2 hours workshop covering all insights into Social Marketing strategies.

Tickets availableMore about Mandy

Oh what a conference

Check out the impression from our conference held 2016 in Atlanta.


Collaboratively partnering is essential for delivering the best relevant content to XMPie Users. Thanks for being a vital part of XUG.


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