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#XUG17Orlando – we put the spotlight on all questions that might pop up in your head while exploring the conference pages.
  • What is #XUG17Orlando?
  • Who attends #XUG17Orlando?
  • What to expect at #XUG17Orlando?
  • How much does #XUG17Orlando cost?
  • Does it make sense to inform my colleagues?
  • Do you have an agenda/schedule?
What is #XUG17Orlando?

#XUG17Orlando is the annual conference of XUG – The XMPie Users Group. It’s is a three-day event (Monday Oct 30, 8:00 am until Wednesday Nov 1, around 2:00 pm) produced and hosted by XUG, the vendor independent organization, that unites the users of the XMPie software solutions. Supplemented by optional 1-day PreConference tutorials and a special meeting dedicated to the C-Level people, the 10th annual XMPie Users Group conference promises even more insights, more inspiration and more fun for XUG’s community of data analysts, practitioners and technologists focused on relevant #multichannel solutions. You can register for #XUG17Orlando by clicking here.

Who attends #XUG17Orlando?

#XUG17Orlando will gather about 250 marketing professionals from CMOs to CTOs to graphic artists, data analysts and programming gurus. You’ll rub shoulders with the thought leaders, decision makers, practitioners and analysts who are designing and delivering the most innovative relevant marketing communications through multiple channels.

What to expect at #XUG17Orlando?

We curate a colorful program for all needs and tastes. Three parallel sessions, general sessions and keynotes will take place during the three days of #XUG17Orlando.

Highlights will be the inspirational Keynote from Jacob Aizikowitz (President of XMPie), the Keynote from social marketing expert and bestselling author Mark W. Schaefer, we will have countless user sessions sharing their experiences, partners showing their connections and products around #multichannel and XMPie plus the full XMPie developer team available, face to face to dream about future versions and possibilities. Priceless!

How much does #XUG17Orlando cost?

Check out the pricing page with all details and find out if you can catch the Early Bird or Not so Early Bird discount. We also have a special discount of 25% for additional attendees from within your company (see next tab).

What you can expect is nothing less than a complete ticket package that contains:

  • 3-Day Conference Ticket
  • Access to 35+ Breakout Sessions
  • Light Breakfast
  • Lunch Buffet
  • All Day Softdrinks & Coffee
  • Evening Events
  • Unlimited Networking
Does it make sense to inform my colleagues?

It definitely does! As graphic designer, marketer, programmer, data analyst, sales representative or whatever your function in the #multichannel world is named, these three days offer priceless moments, insights and will push you massively within your position or/and business. So bring your fellow colleagues with you, book the optional PreConference tutorials session and grab your conference tickets for a very special group rate price. We grant you 25% OFF for additional colleagues from within your company. Just send an email to and ask for your discount code.

Do you have an agenda/schedule?

Yes, we have. It will be interactive and will guide you through the days before, during and after #XUG17Orlando. Actually we are putting all details and timings together – soon you will be able to view all session and speakers details.

Meanwhile you might want to have a look at the sessions at divided in XMPie and Member sessions.

General timings:

PreConference Tutorials: Sun Oct 29, starting at 10:30am – 5:00 pm
PreConference C-Level Meeting: Sun Oct 29, starting at 12:00pm – 5:00 pm

Main conference:

starts Monday Oct 30 with Breakfast from 7:30-8:30am – session 8:30 am

ends Wednesday Nov 1 at around 2:00pm

  • #multichannel and social – we should eat our own dog food
  • Where can I stay during #XUG17Orlando?
  • Do you have a mobile app for #XUG17Orlando?
  • Can I speak at #XUG17Orlando?
  • Are there partnering/sponsoring opportunities for #XUG17Orlando?
  • What if I have to cancel my attendance?
#multichannel and social – we should eat our own dog food

The official hashtag for #XUG17Orlando is, guest what? #XUG17Orlando on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here are links to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.
If you feel you are too old for this social media stuff, please forward this topic to your millennials within your company. Or just visit our special workshop about social media strategies with Mandy Edwards (link to her workshop available soon) and find out how valuable social an be within the mix;-)

Where can I stay during #XUG17Orlando?

A conference like #XUG17Orlando needs a home that suits your needs as a place to network, relax, with great dining and shopping option. Enjoy the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek for a special room rate of $199/night for XUG attendees by using this special link.

The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is the place where #XUG17Orlando takes place, so there are no long walks to and from the conference area.

Do you have a mobile app for #XUG17Orlando?

Haha, we expected this question. No, there is no need to bore you with downloading an app. You’ll get personalized conference materials, your agenda, lanyard and have access to all sessions via your dedicated website

It doesn’t matter if you are using a tablet, a Samsung, an iPhone, a laptop, or even brought your desktop pc with you (we would love to put that photo to our social platforms while you wait until your XP system boots:-).

Let’s be honest, during the time of #XUG17Orlando your website will offer you all details, direct connections to all speakers, your agenda, sessions and even the session ratings. All in one place, all without the hassle to download something.

Can I speak at #XUG17Orlando?

If you are interested in speaking and think you would be a good fit for 2017, please email us at with an abstract, speaking samples and bio. Please note we prioritize speakers from non-vendor organizations. For more information, please visit our call for speakers page.

Are there partnering/sponsoring opportunities for #XUG17Orlando?

Sure. We love new services, products, add-ons we can show our members. if you have something interesting to share, are willed to educate, entertain and not bug your new audience of 10,000+ members, please feel free to send us a mail, so we can set up a talk with you.

What if I have to cancel my attendance?

Sometimes it happens, that circumstances demand a cancellation of your conference booking. As a not-for-profit independent group it is essential to count on our members and their purchases to remain financially stable.

But, we are fellow colleagues and will make it fair for you. Please have a look at our cancellation policy and if you would like to cancel, please write directly to

Annual conference


The annual XMPie Users Group Conference takes place Oct. 29-Nov 1. Starting with the well-known 1-Day Tutorials on Sunday, 250+ attendees will share their knowledge within the three day main event from Monday-Wednesday. Will you be there too? No excuses!



Get the most out of your visit to Orlando by taking the optional tutorials taking place on the Sunday prior to start the of conference, Oct 29 as enhancement for your #XUG17Orlando conference ticket.

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Our 2017 Home in Orlando


A conference like #XUG17Orlando needs a home that suits your needs as a place to network, relax, with great dining and shopping option. Enjoy the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek for a special room rate of $199/Night for XUG attendees (plus optional Resort Fee of $35).

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