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XUG – The XMPie Users Group is an vendor independent international community with members spanning countries and continents. For the past ten years we’ve been working to connect our members with the best in 1:1 communications.

This has created a thriving community of individuals committed to growing their knowledge and advancing their careers. The diversity of the XUG’s membership allows everyone to connect with XMPie users accross many areas of knowledge and industries. Our members are marketing professionals, developers and technologists who are using XMPie solutions to enhance their company’s marketing campaigns and reach.








Year by year

We are growing

Since 2007 the XMPie Users Group has grown each year, until very significantly in 2016 when we changed our membership model and opened the group to an even broader audience of XMPie users. We are constantly enhancing our membership benefits. Try it out!






Since our relaunch 2016 we push your XMPie Users Group forward, becoming an even better one hub stop for XMPie Users and Multichannel Professionals. A growing member base and closer collaboration with XMPie – all with you as a user in mind.

“Our daily business is based on Personas and Personality. With this in mind we are restructuring XUG, to be even closer to you as a valued member. Because of this reason the Board of Directors had voted for an Executive Director to have a dedicated expert working close with our members and the Board to add more value for all of us.” – Jeroen van Druenen (XUG President – Jubels, Amsterdam)



For four days each year the XUG members share their insights and knowledge at our annual main event. This year it’s happening at #XUG16Atlanta. Tutorials, sessions, keynotes and lots of networking opportunities have made this format a win-win for members and our partners. Original and personal since 2007, only by XUG.

explore #XUG17Orlando



Europe’s first conference in 2015 (Berlin, Germany) was just the beginning. XUG connects different nations and continents together. Chapters in different countries can focus on their specific markets and needs. So stay tuned for more local summits soon.

soon more…



XUG’s answer to all multichannel related questions: #XUGuKNOW – Q&A section, eTutorials, courses, whatever it takes to make you even better working and benefit from your XMPie driven marketing solution.

explore uKNOW



The right and relevant content at the right time through the right channel. XUG offers a broad variety of digital and analog ways to network, gain knowledge, share experiences and get even closer to the XMPie experts around the globe. You decide.



Marketing experts from around the globe (Marketing Service Providers, Print Service Providers, Ad Agencies, Direct Marketing Agencies) – in short: Multichannel 1:1 experts are sharing their experiences and knowledge. It is always worth it to think outside the box.

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By joining the XMPie Users Group, you will be able to learn from the expertise of your peers, share your own experiences with other XMPie users, and provide feedback to XMPie staff and executives with a view toward continually enhancing your investment.

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Collaboratively partnering is essential for delivering the best relevant content to the XMPie Users. Thanks for being a vital part of XUG.

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