Enhance #XUG17Orlando with Tutorials
3 days / 35+ sessions
PreConference tutorials / unlimited talks
awesome peer/peer & peer/XMPie exchange

Oct 29 – Nov 1
Enhance your Ticket!

PreConference Tutorials Ticket

The conference is not enough for you. Excellent. Enhance your #XUG17Orlando ticket with the PreConference Tutorials taking place sunday, Oct. 29

Now it’s your choice . It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced XMPie user, wheather you like design or the technical tracks most. Feel free to choose. And we put all learning materials, samples files and session videos on top of this package. Awesome, or?

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With purchasing a ticket for the PreConference Tutorials of #XUG17Orlando we unlock a special dedicated area for you at your xmpieusers.org page, that’s why you can buy only a ticket for yourself and not for your colleagues too. They can simply register themselves and enjoy a personal experience and benefits. To make the buying process smooth, all is automated and easy to handle. You will receive a confirmation mail with all details about your conference. We will even prepare an invoice for you/your boss. Don’t worry. Have you already reserved your conference ticket?

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