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XUG’s answer to all multichannel related questions

#XUGuKNOW – Q&A section, eTutorials, courses, whatever it takes to make you even better at working with and benefitting from your XMPie-driven marketing solution


XUG’s answer to all multichannel related questions

2017 – the year of change. We heard something similar last year and the years before. So no need to worry, there is always time for change and reasons to do so. As change is not always comfortable, at least it seems so, your fellow peers from XUG decided to give you something easy to participate, gain knowledge and extend your networking for reason. Fun and knowledge with #multichannel.

Enjoy this all new section, we call “uKNOW”, you know why.

  • Q&A section
  • eTutorials
  • eCourses

Q&A section – the plain and simple way to ask questions about multichannel marketing and XMPie solutions. Your fellow peers and XMPie experts will provide the answers. This section will be the centre of all conversations within uKNOW.

Help us get the ball rolling: Please send your questions to the Q&A section today!

This won’t be yet another boring forum, that’s for sure. No chi-chi! It’s a straight-forward way to ask questions and get answers. Your first questions will give us a chance to see what topics you are most interested in, so please don’t be shy.

eTutorials are pre-recorded, online technical demos, created to educate you in the most convenient way. We cannot be promoting relevant messages with the relevant topic at the right time while forcing you to attend a webinar at a specific time, mostly in a foreign time zone.

Your schedule is full enough, so choose a time at your convenience, sit back, relax, and enjoy these very special and fully-packed eTutorials, presented by XMPie experts and partners.

Still in development and sandbox mode. We will keep you informed and are curious about your ideas: Use the hashtag #XUGuKNOW on social media or write an email directly to the Board:



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