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Sunday Nov. 13
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C-Level Meeting

The C-Level Meeting is embedded into the XMPie Users Group conference; taking place Sunday, Nov. 13th, prior to the main event starting Monday, Nov. 14th.

If you plan to come to the conference, make sure to sign up for our in-depth optional C-Level Meeting. This day we’ll focus on best practices, tips and techniques for developing outstanding VDP and Cross Media communications, dedicated to the C-Level leader.

Reserve your spot for the exclusive C-Level meeting today as we’ll keep it personal and special with not more than 30 leaders.


Introduction to New Products from XMPie and Pricing Concerns from a C-Level Perspective

Session 1 | Waleed Ashoo, President/CEO at Lithexcel

As an executive, one of the most difficult parts of the business is to price and value the services your company provides outside the commodity of print. We are all dependent on our MIS, which is based on actual cost centers developed with cost plus a markup. Our cost centers today are all based on the commodity of print, and while we have developed a markup on print, we discount to gain work due to market conditions. This workshop will provide you with formulas that are beyond commodity work and will allow you to price for value of services, as the market will bear.

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How to Achieve Return-On-Investment—Gain Maximum ROI On Every Campaign

Session 2 | Iris Stewart, OMG Optimise Media Graphics

You will learn how to identify profitable campaigns for you to undertake whilst ensuring maximum returns for your business. You will gain access to robust tools that can help you calculate campaign potential and in terms that you and your marketing clients can understand. In addition, you will acquire the skills on how to present strong returns to your customers for their campaigns. Finally, you will learn how to benchmark your campaign results and measure profit, as well as track your post-campaign costs.

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Marketing Your Company with LinkedIn—Building a Profile for C-Level People

Session 3 | Dr. John Leininger, Professor Clemson University

Many upper level managers in the print industry see LinkedIn as another social media distraction, but it really is a powerful tool to use in marketing your company. Your individual profile needs to convey not just who you are but
the value your company offers. It is the best tool to network with other people in the industry with similar issues and concerns and a tool to research companies where you might be able to offer a solution to meet their needs (which also means people are researching your company). You will learn the ten minimum elements to further develop your profile.

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Training the Sales People to Sell Integrated Options

Session 4 | Waleed Ashoo, President/CEO at Lithexcel

Starting without print sales personnel, developing vertical market business developers with marketing and communication skills to handle projects that require IT solutions, asset management, storage and retrieval of data and documents, vertical campaign management, solution and result assessment. How do you find such talent? How do you train and guide this resource? Finally, how do you compensate this special resource?

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Overview of What is Being Covered at the Conference

Session 5 | Waleed Ashoo, President/CEO at Lithexcel, Judy Berlin, Vice President Marketing XMPie, Dr. John Leininger, Clemson University

Understanding what session will be most beneficial for C-Level attendee as Waleed, John and Judy explain the presentation topics and the take-a-ways for the various sessions. Plan your work and work your plan is a great sales strategy and also a good strategy to get the most out of the XUG Conference.

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Annual conference


The annual XMPie Users Group Conference takes place Nov. 13-16. Starting with the well-known 1-Day Tutorials on Sunday, 200+ attendees will share their knowledge within the three day main event from Monday-Wednesday. Will you be there too? No excuses!



Get the most out of your visit to Atlanta by taking the optional tutorials taking place on the Sunday prior to start the of conference, Nov 13 as enhancement for your #XUG16Atlanta conference ticket.

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Our 2016 Home in Atlanta


A conference like #XUG16Atlanta needs a home that suits your needs as a place to network, relax, with great dining and shopping option. Enjoy the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Hotel in Buckhead for a special room rate of $179/Night for XUG attendees.

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