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November 13-16
General Session

Nov 16

8:30 a.m.


Waleed Ashoo

Multichannel – sell and price – Creating a Business Development Executive

How to properly price Marketing Campaigns and Developing a Business Development Team

Waleed addressed topics directly related to issues confronting industry peers and executives, including Incentivizing a Digital Sales/Marketing Sales Force and Why Print Sales Executives Fail. He also identified the range of products ideal for digital press applications and the unique selling characteristics of variable digital print versus conventional print.

His workshop-like session on Value Pricing: How to properly price Marketing Campaigns with variable content, PURLs, Email marketing, Quick Response Codes and full graphic design and Converting and Developing a Business Development Team: How to convert your existing print sales team into a digital business development team and how to compensate them.


Bullet Points

  1. Value Pricing for Multi Channel Campaign
  2. Business Development Executive vs. Sales Executive
  3. Education and Experience
  4. Evaluating the Candidate
  5. Training for Success
  6. Compensation Plan for Program and Multi Channel Sales
  7. Proposal



Waleed Ashoo

Waleed is a University of New Mexico graduate, a successful business owner, industry consultant and an international speaker and moderator.



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