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November 13-16
Design Session

Nov 14

3:45 p.m.


Iris Stewart

Engaging Messages by Design

Learn the key creative drivers that engage consumers and how to build these into campaigns for any product or service for your clients

Gain an understanding of how data helps drive the creative process to ensure the right message is received

Acquire the knowledge that unites creatives and print providers for a more cohesive approach to delivering successful one to one campaigns

Review a campaign that has undertaken the transition of traditional mailing through to full one to one and the creative aspects that have made it successful


Bullet Points

  1. Maximizing the Value of Print—offering a Marketing Solution instead of a Print Service
  2. Best Practices for “Engaging the Customer” through unique experiences
  3. Integrating Print with variable data print, W2P, email-marketing
  4. Selling High Value Solutions: Helping Customers Discover New Value



These XMPie products and technologies are in focus.

Business KnowHow



Iris Stewart

Iris Stewart is responsible for the creation and deployment of Customer Business Development Programs. This included the ProfitAccelerator® Digital business resource during her time at Fuji Xerox, a collection of marketing programs and tools designed to assist customers in growing their digital printing business.



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