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November 13-16
Business Session

Nov 15

5:00 p.m.


Matt McKinley

Extending the Client Conversation beyond the Campaign

Using XMPie to deliver personalized Proposals

XMPie Campaign power brings “interested clients” along the purchase journey to the point of product/services decision and purchase. But complex products and services require the quote/proposal to secure the sale.

Through integration of XMPie Didgigo allows corporate users to build personalized content into individual proposals, rich in creativity and brand fulfillment, into compelling print and PURLS.

This workflow saves extensive time in production and increases conversion, growing profits.


Bullet Points

  1. XMPie’s power can be harnessed to drive wider solutions through integration
  2. Integration takes time and resources
  3. The proposal solution grows opportunity for further print revenue



These XMPie products and technologies are in focus.
  1. Variable Data Printing
  2. Cross-Media
  3. Campaign Automation
  4. Custom Application Using APIs



Matt McKinley

Matt McKinley has over 30 years of delivering sales and marketing solutions and profits to the travel and tourism industry. He has been a tour operator, resort developer and for the last 10 years Marketing Services provider to businesses across the Globe.



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