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November 13-16

Nov 15

8:30 a.m.


Steve Belmonte

Direct Mail – All you need to know.

70%-80% of consumers open all of their Direct Mail! With so many media channels it is easy to forget that Direct Mail still delivers the best response rates. In addition to delivering better margins and improved audience responses, offering Direct Mail helps ensure you don’t lose customers to the competition and opens the door for adding more revenue to your existing print business.

Attend this keynote where you will learn insider tips & tricks, best practices and gain exclusive insight from leading software developer and industry pioneer Steve Belmonte, founder and CEO of AccuZIP, Inc.

Steve will discuss his roots in the printing business from starting out owning a small print shop to developing a world class mailing and data quality software program for printers like yourself.  Turn your print house into a full-service MSP.  Increase your revenue, gain and retain more customers, keep labor costs the same and grow your print business all by simply adding mailing services.

Designed for all levels of executives from novices with no mailing experience to those that are offering mailing services but looking to grow their potential.  Steve is an expert in this industry and will walk you through the basics of what is needed to execute a complete Direct Mail program in your business. What questions should you ask when you’re shopping around for a software vendor, along with other critical components to ensure your success in the Direct Mail business.



AccuZIP, Inc. (XUG PLATINUM PARTNER) is a national software company that develops products and services to help streamline data management and simplify the multi-channel communications process.  AccuZIP products and solutions are cost effective, fully functional and 100% compliant with all USPS regulations.  For over 24 years, AccuZIP, Inc. has earned an outstanding reputation with its partners and the industry built on its core values of Service, Loyalty, Innovation, Excellence and Integrity.



Steve Belmonte

Steve Belmonte (CEO) founded AccuZIP, Inc. in 1992 and has over 35+ years’ experience with print, mail and high-level software programming and development. Mr. Belmonte oversees all technical and development aspects of AccuZIP, Inc. including software development, USPS relations and the overall strategic direction of AccuZIP, Inc.’s software products and services.



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