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Sunday Oct. 29, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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C-Level Meeting

The C-Level Meeting is embedded into the XMPie Users Group conference; taking place Sunday, Oct. 29th, prior to the main event starting Monday, Oct. 30th.

If you plan to come to the conference, make sure to sign up for our in-depth optional C-Level Meeting. This day we’ll focus on best practices, tips and techniques for developing outstanding VDP and Cross Media communications, dedicated to the C-Level leader.

It will be a cozy atmosphere, we’ll start the day at noon (12:00 p.m.) with a light lunch, a great occasion to meet your leader colleagues from within the industry. Then we’ll start the powerful and insightful sessions and end up around 6:00 p.m. having a drink at the #XUG17Orlando welcome reception in the evening.

This year we have special guests, eager to meet you in a special and exclusive meet ‘n greet on Tuesday, Oct. 31st. – Mark W. Schaefer, social marketing expert, bestselling author, keynote speaker, one of the world’s foremost strategists to create a vision for your business or develop a course correction.

Reserve your spot for the exclusive C-Level meeting today as we’ll keep it personal and special with not more than 20 leaders.


How to Present an ROI Analysis to the Customer

Session 1 | Helene Blanchette

After weeks of running a campaign and all the great efforts that were put into deploying what you believed was a very good outcome, it is time to present the campaign ROI analysis to your customer.  This is an important moment for you to demonstrate that you are not just another commodity provider, but that you mean the words ‘communication consultant’ that you perhaps added to your list of services or your business card.  It is also the moment of truth that will seal whether or not you will get your next piece of business.

Unfortunately, it is often a shy moment for the service providers who perhaps rely only on partial information and a limited view of the results to properly do an ROI calculation.

During this presentation you will learn what needs to be done before the campaign to ensure that your post campaign results tell the complete ROI story of the campaign.  You will also understand how to translate findings into a business discussion that will set you apart. You will view tangible examples of client’s ROI analysis and you will understand how to present it to your client.



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Marketing Analytics & Campaign Automation

Session 2 | Iris Stewart, OMG Optimise Media Graphics

Marketing Analytics

Marketers have a high ‘what’s in it for me’ factor. When asked what is the most effective way for agencies to engage with them, 92% wanted to see research and insights from them. 85% said they would respond positively if they saw a recent case study. 55% said they would wouldn’t respond based on awards and case studies alone. How do we know this? We used marketing analytics.

Learn what marketing analytics truly mean to your customer, your business and to the end consumer. Learn the techniques to facilitate leading edge markets through the use of campaign pre and post data, and apply these to solve the needs of your customer and their end consumer. Build strong rational that supports the deployment of robust cross media campaigns, strategise business to business, business to consumer portals, empower seamless branding, engineer cutting edge ROI and synthesise on your deliverables.

Campaign Automation

Setting up cross media campaigns or web portals can be a daunting and difficult task, especially when you need to apply a large amount of business rules and coding. So how does the thought of setting it up once and automating the process sound?

Revolutionalizing cross media and e-commerce to fully automate is an efficient and effective way to delivery seamless integration whilst maximising profits. By incubating back end processes, your business can move from cross media and web to print portals into becoming a web to market automator.

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Hiring, Working with, and Retaining Millennials

Session 3 | Dr. John Leininger, Professor Clemson University

Millennials are individuals born between 1982 and 2004, they grew up with technology and think differently than baby boomers. Having taught students from the beginning of the Millennials as they entered college and to the end of the group I have had to change the way I teach and deal with the students. Also staying in contact with graduates I can help to give people some incites into how to work with them and how to retain them.

Millennials are the future and we need to figure out how to work with them. It is not just the management that needs to learn this, projection employees need to understand Millennials and how to work with them. They need mentors and guidance just like when Baby Boomers graduated 40 years ago.

  • What are companies doing to attract Millennials?
  •  Why do Millennials leave a company, how can you develop their loyalty?
  •  How do you get other generations to work with Millennials?
  •  What to expect in the next generation



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#XUG17Orlando attendees have access to the recording and even more session information like PDF presentation and more.   Login

Successful Succession Planning

Session 4 | Peter Schaefer, Partner New Direction Partners

Most family-owned businesses do little, if any succession planning. This is a significant oversight – the need for succession planning has never been greater. A recent Kiplinger Report stated, ““Expect a glut of firms to go up for sale as thousands of baby boomers retire. With about 8,000 Americans turning 60 every day, more and more business owners are thinking about retiring … an estimated 750,000 companies owned by boomers—one in every six—will be looking for buyers, up fifteen-fold from 2001.”

Whether or not you are one of those thinking about retiring, don’t omit this important part of your company’s strategic planning process.

During this session, participants will learn about the key elements of the plan to successfully transfer leadership and ownership of a printing and packaging firm. A good succession plan should always be in place and should be updated at least annually.



Working Files
#XUG17Orlando attendees have access to the recording and even more session information like PDF presentation and more.   Login


Industry Insights, Round table discussions, Wrap Up

Session 5 | Waleed Ashoo, President/CEO at Lithexcel, Dr. John Leininger, Clemson University

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