Call for speakers
Share experience with your peers.

October 29 – November 1

Call for speakers

We’re seeking proposals from members to present at the 2017 User’s Group Conference in Orlando, FL October (TBA). We are looking for members to share their knowledge in a 50-minute presentation (with 10 minutes Q&A). Speakers get a substantial discount and pay just $400 for their conference ticket. It’s possible to submit more than one proposal per speaker.


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We also offer speaking opportunities at the EUROPEAN MEETING #XUG17EU, Aug 31-Sep 1 in Berlin/GERMANY

Please have a look: #XUG17EU Call for Speakers

01. Your Voice

We believe your voice would be a critical addition to the XUG stage this year, so you are cordially invited to talk. What makes a User’s group work well is the networking and sharing of information. Below is a list of topics identified by members as relevant and if you can share some experiences or strategy to your peers we want to hear from you. If you have something else relevant to share that is not on the list please consider submitting it for consideration.

02. Web Submission

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please click on the link below and complete the XUG Conference Proposal form. You can submit multiple proposals. If you have questions you can contact the committee chair, John Leininger at ljohn@clemson.edu or by phone at +1 864-903-0050. The first review of proposals will be on May 31st.

Submit your proposal

03. Your session

You will be contacted if your proposal is accepted, or is being considered. We will have a talk with you about how to proceed and prepare for #XUG17Orlando. Please make yourself comfortable with the Speakers Guidelines. We always receive many more excellent proposals than we can fit into our program. Please do not be discouraged if you are not selected. We do multiple events, and may be able to fit your presentation into another conference.



We curated the most asked for topics based on our members input through surveys, conference experiences and talks. Feel free to add your topics as this is the vital point of a group like XUG.

• Customer Case-studies of successful marketing campaign
• Marketing automation from Data to Direct Mail to the Internet
• Automation in the Real World
• Designing for Variable Data—best and worst practices
• How do you track the value the marketing campaign?
• How to present an ROI Analysis to the Customer
• Maximizing the Value of Print—offering a Marketing Solution instead of a Print Service
• Making the campaign integrated and not just multi-channel
• Developing and Planning an Online Marketing Management Portal
• Best Practices for “Engaging the Customer” through unique experiences
• Multichannel Marketing Strategy, Digital Production Print, Print Software
• Understanding the new variable data printing format (PDF/VT)
• Integrating Print with variable data print, W2P, email-marketing
• Big Data—What can you learn from it and how can you use it
• Interactive Graphic Displays (When a printed piece knows who you are)
• Selling High Value Solutions: Helping Customers Discover New Value
• Marketing and Selling Integrated Media
• Educating Clients on Multimedia Approaches to Successful Business
• Digital Publishing—Design for print, Tablet, iPad, e-Book Publishing
• Fusion Marketing—Integrating Everything



A good location for all your questions to let your #XUG17Orlando session speaking a success for all. Worth to spent the 5 minutes of reading.

  • Speakers Benefits
  • Speakers Requirements
  • Speakers Guidelines
  • Great Advise

Our speakers are active XMPie users in some part of our industry. The biggest benefit in presenting at#XUG17Orlando is to share experiences and network with your peers, and to interact with the most influential community of multichannel, marketing, and technology experts in the industry. Because of the high quality of our speakers, we promote our speakers and their backgrounds on our website and sometimes in press releases.

  • Speakers receive a highly reduced conference pass for $400 instead of $1,299.
  • We do not provide speaker honorariums or reimburse for expenses.

As a speaker we ask that you:

  • Provide a professional quality presentation that is on the agreed upon topic.
  • Allocate time for at least one conference call 30 days before the conference with your session moderator and/or fellow session speakers.
  • Stick to the time allocated for your presentation.
  • rehearse your presentation at least a few times, to make it smooth.
  • Provide your presentation to us in electronic form for distribution to the conference attendees before the conference begins.
  • As part of the XUG guidelines you hand over the rights to use your materials and video footage for XUG purposes and programs afterwards.

Times for presentations can range from 30-50 minutes, but the vast majority are 45 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A.

If your presentation is supposed to be 20 minutes long, getting through 45 slides is almost impossible. Also remember that slides with lots of builds take more time than a slide with no builds. A good rule of thumb for most people is 1 slide for every 3 minutes of presentation. The best thing to do is time yourself in advance!

Make sure your slides are readable. In general, nothing below 18pt type is going to be readable by anyone not in the first few rows. 24pt and up is usually safe. Best recommendation – use images, be bold, be clear, be recognized.

There are two Harvard Business Review posts that provide some of the best advice you can find anywhere on giving a great presentation or moderating an engaging panel. These are must-reads for anyone who cares about presentation or moderating skills, and strongly recommended for Gilbane Conference speakers. Even if you are already a speaking pro, each post is likely to give you at least one new idea. See:

  • Speaker Substitutions
  • Vendor speakers
  • Partners
  • How to submit a proposal

Speaker substitutions are generally not allowed. Our speakers are chosen for their knowledge and communication capabilities, not because of who they work for. If for some reason you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP, and provide replacement recommendations in case we do not already have a speaker on the waiting list for that particular topic.

Although most of our speakers are businesses presenting XMPie related case studies or topics, analysts providing market insight, or experienced authors providing “how to” guidance, we welcome speakers from the vendor and consultancy community to contribute non-marketing presentations. Vendor speakers often have the most detailed knowledge about new technologies and use-cases and are valuable contributors. Please get in contact with our Partners committee to talk about your partnering options where speaking opportunity is just one option.

Our partners/sponsors are a critical part of our group and high-value interactive environments at our events would not be possible without them. While we are pleased when we can include a sponsor or exhibitor representative as a conference speaker, a speaking slot is never guaranteed. All accepted presentations are based on the merit of the proposal, the individual speaker, the relevance of the topic, and a speaking slot being available.

  • Review the conference topics for #XUG16Atlanta.
  • Use our proposal submission form to submit a proposal that is relevant to the topics described.
    • Please include a 100-200 word abstract, 200 word speaker bio, and speaker contact information.
    • We are happy to accept proposals anytime, even before we issue a call for speakers, or after the deadline has passed proposals will be considered after that date until all the speaking slots are filled.
  • We do not accept sales pitches or marketing presentations. PR firms should only forward proposals submitted by the actual presenter.
  • If you will be coordinating a speaker’s participation, provide all your contact information in addition to that of the speakers’
  • You will be contacted if your proposal is accepted, or is being considered. Feel free to email us with inquiries about your proposal, however PR firms calling four times a day are not helping their client.
  • If you have questions not answered on this page, please email: ljohn@clemson.edu
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