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At #XUG17Orlando you’ll discover the latest cases and experiences shared by your fellow peers. The most vital part of XUG. Enjoy a tremendous variety of technical, design and business related topics. Here is the first lineup of what you can experience in Orlando. More details will be available soon! Stay tuned and reserve your ticket.

Iris Stewart, Principal Consultant of OMG, Australia

Lets take a walk through a campaign

Let’s review a real, full cross media campaign, with world class metrics that keep us on the path all the way through from first customer pitch to post campaign analytical presentment.

Using this live example, I will share my experience in empowering collaborative solutions, leading edge technologies, integrated methodologies and user centric relationships, to ensure your success.
And what’s more, I will also share the joys, pains, milestones and the final results that were achieved.

See Iris at #XUG17Orlando


Marketing and Selling Integrated Media

You have invested in a cross-media data-driven solution, trained your staff to operate the software and asked your sales team to go out and sell the dream. However, most of the work that your company succeeds to sell, even to the best of your clients, is variable print and short run printing.

If this story sounds familiar or if you feel that your team are falling short in getting the clients to buy into the concept of multi-channel marketing campaigns, this session should help you make a breakthrough in the status quo.

You will learn to ask the right questions in order to make clients expand their horizon and for you to get a revenue that is worth the effort. You will understand how to talk like marketers and make them want a cross-media campaign that starts with a print, crosses the digital boundaries and get results.

Based on her 9 steps to succeed a 1to1 cross-media marketing campaign, Helene will share her process of engagement in order to succeed selling and promoting 1to1 cross-media service.

See Helene at #XUG17Orlando

Brady Behrman, CEO of PunchOut2Go, USA

How to Connect your uStore to your eProcurement Customers

This presentation will provide an overview of the growing B2B eProcurement market and how to retain key business and win new sales opportunities by connecting  your uStore XMPie application to your customers that are utilizing spend management procurement systems, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, PeopleSoft, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest) and many others.

See Brady at #XUG17Orlando

Alan Dixon, CEO of Workflowz, United Kingdom & Australia

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Long gone are the days of black overprint personalisation, even full colour is now the norm. So how do you differentiate? Well consider the special inks, and post press finishes that enhance the physical components of your campaign to make them more tactile and memorable.

See Alan at #XUG17Orlando

Cassie Burchell, Owner AlphaGraphics Birmingham, USA

Make it more than a solution

I am learning the more technical side of this system, but I am from a sales and marketing background and more sales than anything. I have worked with SMB’s for over 21 years. I love engaing them in conversation about their business but this software has to be more than a solution a problem. We will sell it to more customers when we also show them the vision for it’s capabilities. We have to offer more than a service, they have to see what we can do for them as a growth tool and lead generator for them. I would focus most of my presentation on the sales process for this product and my key learning so far, because I have had some.

I would talk briefly about using a proposal builder, charging for the servcie and have an example of a build out we’ve done and share the outcome. My audience would be those seeking how to go out an sell this and grow their business with the product. Even in my very limited time, I have already seen growth.

See Cassie at #XUG17Orlando

Prof. John Leininger, Clemson University, USA

How to Track and Sell the ROI of Your Work to the Customer

Being able to prove to your customer that you are making a difference to their bottom line and you do that we by testing and measuring the results. How you report that information to the customer is also critical, some customers just want a response rate and others want to know the cost of a response. There are many ways to report ROI, you need to understand your customer. There will be an overview of A/B Testing, test sample sizes and basic analytics.

The importance of understanding ROI is to help the customer understand the value of what your company does for them, but they need to realize it helps them sell the value of working with your company to their management.

See John at #XUG17Orlando

Jennifer Dean & Kristen de Oliveira, Marketing, UNUM, USA

Transform your Business Model with XMPie

In this presentation we describe the journey of our business transformation for the Colonial Life marketing portfolio, the road blocks we encountered, and report on some of the tangible rewards the transformation is returning.
Colonial Life offers insurance products in 49 states, distributed through thousands of independent agents. These products vary in terms of coverage levels, benefits offered, and state-specific legal requirements. Historically, static marketing materials were created to address variations and then printed and warehoused. The result was over 3,500 marketing pieces for around 20 insurance products. As state legislation changed and products were enhanced, these static pieces quickly became obsolete. In addition, static pieces included coverage benefits that might not apply to a specific case resulting in a confusing experience for the end consumer.
After much analysis, we determined that implementing XMPie as a strategic resource could revolutionize the portfolio. By coding plan, state, and legal business rules into product templates, we could reduce our portfolio from over 3,500 pieces to around 300. We extended the XMPie platform to integrate with our internal security and enrollment system allowing agents to only access materials for which they have passed mastery exams, in the states in which they are licensed. Additionally, they have the option to pull account data directly from our enrollment system – easing the burden of data entry as well as ensuring accuracy.
This approach is having significant impact. The order process is simplified – agents create one marketing piece, instead of ordering up to 10 static materials relevant to that product. We are able to limit print quantity to case size and encourage digital distribution. Reliance on warehouse stock is decreasing, resulting in storage savings. Preliminary analysis shows that the end consumer experience will be more relevant by presenting consumers with only the benefits that apply to them, resulting in higher participation and increased sales.

See Jennifer at #XUG17Orlando

Kieran Parmar, Managing Director KJP Global Ltd., United Kingdom

How to Work and Sell to Brands

One of the biggest challenges faced with many XMPie users, is how do we go and sell to our existing customers or new? I hear this day in and day out and its amazing to see how many of the service providers are working already with large customers on a print side.
The session will be focused on how to sell and work with brands, identify problems brands are experiencing today, strategies of working together and getting your foot firmly in the door! The session will be focused on past experiences.

See Kieran at #XUG17Orlando

Glen Swyers, Director of Marketing Integration, Classic Graphics, USA

Mailing in a Secure World

Is my data safe? Am I really liable for a data breach? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, this workshop is for you. Data security is quickly becoming one of the most important elements of a successful mailing operation. This industry partner offers mailing services in one of the larger financial centers in the world. This workshop will offer real stories from the front lines.

See Glen at #XUG17Orlando

Thomas Schnettler & Randy Hardy, Business Development Manager, locr Germany/USA

How to Use Geo-information to Increase Response, Reduce Cost and Improve Marketing ROI

In this session, you will learn how to use the power of location to enhance marketing campaign messages, increase response rates and reduce costs. The goal of many marketing campaigns is to persuade people to go somewhere – visit a retail store, seek healthcare treatment, attend a business event or have a day out with the kids. But how far will they have to travel, and how long will it take?

These are significant factors for people when deciding to go somewhere new, but they are also often overlooked by marketing strategists and campaign designers. We will explain how to discover the hidden geo-information in campaign data. Then you can use it to calculate the real distance, travel time and best route from the address of every campaign recipient to any number of brand locations. You can use this geo-information to segment the audience by proximity and tailor campaign messages that are relevant and useful. You can suppress out-of-range recipients for whom the distance or travel time is going to be too much. You can even add visual aids in the form of totally personalized maps that give context to the marketing messages for every recipient of the campaign.

All this adds up to increasing response rates, reducing campaign costs and improving your client’s marketing ROI. These geo-analytic techniques are readily available to all XMPie users with the XMPie Mapping Service and XMPie’s business partner, locr. We will show you how do it and share some real success stories of how other marketing service providers have done it for their customers.

See Thomas & Randy at #XUG17Orlando

Peter Schaefer, Partner, New Direction Partners, USA

Growing Your Printing Business…During a Challenging Environment

Two ways to grow your company are (1) through organic growth and (2) through acquisitions. This seminar session will focus on strategies to grow your firm.

Growth strategies include:

  • Becoming a Marketing Solutions/Services Provider -Customer vs. product focus
  • Target market strategies, both vertical and horizontal
  • Solution and product strategies
  • Acquisition
  • Sales process/sales management/sales development
  • Infrastructure requirements, including MIS and workflow
  • Performance measurement processes

See Peter at #XUG17Orlando

Chet Ebens, Senior Manager Production and Operations, Tea Leaves Health, USA

Automating XMPie & AccuZip

In this session the strength of the XMPie API and tight integration with Accuzip will be displayed thus allowing any organization to build a solution that is a completely automated. We go from an order being submitted to having all print PDFs and mail documentation ready for our external vendor with 2 button clicks in the UI.

In the presentation I will show how a product is loaded in our system, how an order is submitted, how the processing of the mail pieces are done and how we have a finalized set of documents to QC and then send off to our print vendor.

See Chet at #XUG17Orlando

Ed Kotnik, Solution Specalist, 121 Services, USA

uPlan & Data Gymnastics

co-host Cathy Taggart, Compassion International

We have an ideal application, our Event Packet, to share where the complexity is high and the data input was not in an optimal format for printing. We had to build a ton of logic in uPlan to reach the finish line on these documents. I believe that this is a common puzzle which confronts most XMPie Programmers. The data is not always what it could or should be.

See Ed at #XUG17Orlando

Renee Hall, VP Business Development at directmail.io, USA

Writing Case Studies that Sell

One of the first things most businesses want to see is others in their field who have launched campaigns that WORKED. A steady flow of case studies creates a sales book for a team to reference and present when pitching clients. We’ve learned there are a few tricks to writing case studies that don’t just tell a story, but sell your agencies expertise and success. You don’t have to be an expert to write case studies that sell. Come learn how to create marketing campaigns that write their own case studies with killer data, clear reporting, and qualifying information that bring clients back again.

See Renee at #XUG17Orlando

Leonardo Carvalho, Stoque Global Services, Brazil

Inbound, Content and 1 to 1 marketing:

key tools to involve the chapter community of a non-profit organization

Actually the social media is a great tool to interact with your target audience. But, when you only provide sales information or only give to the audience the things that your are doing or the events that your gonna organize, you don ́t envolve your audience with your purpose. When you give a real content, that will enrich something to the audience, you make them engage with your purpose. Giving them content, making them understand what your doing, then you can convert them into a closer audience. When you have this audience closer, you can communicate with them, one to one, giving them the information that they want to hear and making them advocate for you cause.

See Leonardo at #XUG17Orlando

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The annual XMPie Users Group Conference takes place Oct. 29-Nov 1. Starting with the well-known 1-Day Tutorials on Sunday, 250+ attendees will share their knowledge within the three day main event from Monday-Wednesday. Will you be there too? No excuses!



Get the most out of your visit to Orlando by taking the optional tutorials taking place on the Sunday prior to start the of conference, Oct 29 as enhancement for your #XUG17Orlando conference ticket.

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